Impact Resistant Windows and Doors

Every window or door is fabricated with heavy commercial-grade aluminum frames (not wood or PVC plastic) and laminated glass. These windows and doors protect against every imaginable external event: storms and high winds, outside noise, UV radiation, forcd entry and damage from borken glass. Hurricane resistant impact windows and doors go through a series of rigorous tests. These tests are performed using the following six criteria: air infiltration, water resistance, forced entry, wind resistance, flying debris, impact resistance and 9,000 internal/external pressure cycles. This type of cycling simulates the buffeting effect of hurricane force winds after the window is impacted and typically broken. The objective of these tests is to ensure that the impact resistant products, which are considered to be the weakest part of a building structure, will not be compromised or fail during the course of a hurricane.

Non-Impact products are products that have not met the required criteria as set forth above and have not met the hurricane building codes established by the State of Florida.

Shower Doors and Enclosures

The bath enclosures and shower doors that we use are engineered to exacting standards and mechanically tested to ensure a long lasting maintenance-free product.

Entrances and Storefronts

We use only the highest quality products while creating our custom storefronts. The Anodized Plus® surface treatment features an anodized finish that meets all of the requirements of AAMA 612, the latest standard for anodized finishes. Only AAMA 612 finishes provide the beauty of a standard anodized finish and the ability to resist damage from mortar, alkali and other chemicals likely to come into contact with the framing system over the life of the building.

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Impact Resistant Glass

Create an open and comfortable environment during the harshest weather.

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Atlas Glass specializes in hurricane protection systems that perform to the highest standards and most threatening conditions.

Commercial Glass Installation

Commercial Accounts

We specialize in doing business with commercial contractors.

Alumex Shower Doors

Shower Doors and Enclosures

With our help, we can add a lot of personality and style to your bathroom no matter what individual layout you may have.